Wednesday, February 22, 2017

From Soggy to Snowy?

After almost 6 straight days of record breaking high temperatures, the weather will go from May to February once again. A deep area of low pressure will track across the plains and move into northeast Iowa by Friday.

Ahead of the low a warm front will be positioned in central Illinois, with showers and storms developing ahead of it Thursday evening. These will be general storms in the evening and overnight through Friday morning. The low will then move overhead Friday morning with the systems dry slot bringing a break from the rain midday. But, as the warm front lifts north more storms will be possible Friday afternoon. We'll have a southwest wind going into Friday which will draw in a lot of moisture from the south, which will lead to the potential for a lot of rain Thursday into Friday.

With a couple rounds of storms and rain, totals through Friday could add up to closer to 2" in northeastern Illinois and along the Wisconsin border. Thursday's rain could bring about one inch, and then we could add another inch by Friday afternoon.

By Friday evening the low pressure system will be situated northeast of the area, but will pull in colder air by Saturday. This will allow for a transition to a rain/snow mix to then lighter snow by Saturday morning.  Right now, accumulations don't look to be high, but we'll keep you posted as we get closer. Nonetheless, it will be a shock to the system by Saturday!

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