Sunday, February 26, 2017

Big snowstorms can happen in March and April

This winter has been really hard for anyone who depends on snow for their business or is just a snow lover.  It's been since before Christmas where we had over an inch of snow on the ground - over two months!  Only 0.7" of snow fell during the month January and February only a trace since the light snow fell this past Friday night and Saturday.  And even that didn't amount to much with only 0.2" officially being recorded at the airport.  According to the Chicago National Weather Service, Rockford has never gone the entire month of January and February with no measurable snow on the ground since records began back in 1905.  In order to be considered measurable snow on the ground, the total has to be an inch or higher.  Both January and February fell below that number!

Even though Meteorological Winter ends February 28th and Meteorological Spring begins March 1st, big snows have still occurred during the months of March and April.  On average, six inches of snow does fall during a typical March and April period, although it varies considerably from year to year.  So I guess there is some hope for those who still want some snow.  And it's possible some might fall following a strong low pressure system this Wednesday.  Stay tuned!

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