Thursday, February 16, 2017

Multiple Records in Jepardy through the Weekend

We have multiple records in jeopardy over the next several days. It's the middle of February but you'll be checking your calendar twice, because it will feel like April through the middle of next week.

An incoming warm front will pass over the area Friday, and temperatures will soar to record breaking levels. The first record in jeopardy is Friday's with a forecast high of 59°, if temperatures were to meet that, then we would tie a current record that was set in 1981. Saturday also has the potential to break a record set in the early 80's as well. The forecast high is set at 60° with the current record of 58° that was also set in the early 80's. Warmth continues into next week, Monday could also be record breaking with highs climbing into the low 60's.

Even if we don't break records, the warmth in the forecast is more typical of April. While temperatures on Thursday will be in the 40's, it'll still be 11° above average. Then Friday through Tuesday will feature temperatures 20-25° above average!

It will also be a good time to get a car wash, with dry weather expected through Sunday night!

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