Friday, February 17, 2017

Consecutive 60° Stretches in February hasn't been much of a secret...but in case you haven't heard we have multiple 60° days in the forecast!

Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are all forecast to reach 60° or higher. Saturday is a day to watch, as temperatures will be close to the 60° mark. A weak cool front will sink south on Saturday morning and this will direct surface winds to the northwest. The northwest wind will be light, but could potentially drop temperatures a degree or too. If we were to reach 60° on Saturday then there would be a stretch of 5 days of 60° in February which we have never seen on record! The longest stretches we've seen have been 3 days, which has only happened twice, and two days which also happened twice in recorded history data.

No matter what though, the 7-day forecast looks fantastic!

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