Friday, February 10, 2017

Sunny and Warm Next Week

A warm front moving towards our area will bring cloudy conditions for the overnight hours, with the clouds sticking around for Saturday as well.  The front will pass through our area Saturday night bringing a small accumulation of rain, but the best part of the warm front is that it keeps our temperatures warm for the next few days!  Temperatures will stay in the 40s for the weekend with the clouds clearing out after the front passes.  This will leave us with warmer temperatures and partly cloudy skies up to Valentine's Day, so you get to enjoy the holiday with your special someone without having to deal with the cold, windy conditions that we've had the past few days.  We will cool down briefly on Wednesday into the 30s, but will be back in the 40s by Friday.  At the most, we'll only see a few clouds next week, giving us plenty of sunshine to accompany those warmer temperatures.

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