Thursday, February 9, 2017

Spectacular Stargazing; Snow Moon in View Friday

If you're a fan of star gazing, there will be quite the celestial show Friday night. There will be a full moon and an eclipse to watch for.

The full 'snow moon' as it's called in February gets its name from the month itself, because that is typically when the heaviest snows fall, according to the Old Farmers Almanac. While full moon's are always fun, an eclipse will coincide with the full moon this month.

It's called a penumbral lunar eclipse. It means a partial eclipse, casting a shadow over the full moon's face. The eclipse begins at 5:34pm eastern time and ends at 9:53pm eastern time. The height of the eclipse will arrive at 7:44pm eastern. Temperatures will be mild, but clouds will be on the thicker side and this could limit how much of it all we see. This is also a very subtle eclipse however, and if skies are clear enough to see the moon, it may be too faint to notice.
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