Saturday, February 25, 2017

Warm Temperatures Make a Comeback

We had to deal with the snow last night along with temperatures that were in the 20s, but luckily that doesn't last for much longer.  The warm temperatures will make a return starting tomorrow where we will be in the upper 40s!  We had a ridge of high pressure to the southwest of us earlier today, which brought colder winds into our area and kept us in the 20s today.  However, that same ridge is now to the southeast of us, which means it will start to bring warm, humid air from the south into our area.  This will warm our temperatures into the mid 40s for tomorrow.  On Monday, a low will move into the southern plains to accompany the ridge of high pressure to the southeast.  This will channel even more warm air into our area and is the reason why we will see temperatures continue climb even higher as we move into Tuesday.

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