Saturday, March 19, 2016

Next Rain Threat Looms Next Week

The last day of spring has delivered a reminder that it was technically still winter. Rain showers fell with temperatures in the upper 30's and lower 40's. Snow showers have been mixing in as well, especially Saturday evening as cooler air pushes in. Spring officially starts Saturday night at 11:30 PM Central Time, but the first day of spring won't feel as such. Sunday will be chilly in the 40's despite seeing some sunshine. Then our eyes will turn towards the middle of next week. This is when the next significant storm system could affect the Stateline.

A low pressure system will develop and move in on Wednesday. A warm front will likely set up near the Stateline, likely dissecting the region.
As a result, there could be a significant temperature gradient setting up across the area. Our far-northern regions could see highs in the 30's on Wednesday and Thursday. Meanwhile, 60's will be found just south of I-88. Determining the exact temperatures we will see on Wednesday and Thursday will depend upon exactly where that warm front sets up. Regardless of where it sets up, confidence is high in a large temperature gradient from north to south on both Wednesday and Thursday.

The rain will likely fall late Tuesday night through Thursday early afternoon. Some of the rain could be moderate to possibly heavy at times. All of the forecast models show the rain sticking around for that period of time, but they disagree on how much rainfall we could see. After taking into consideration all of the main weather forecast models, rainfall amounts will likely be in the 1-1.5" range by Thursday afternoon when the rain begins to wind down from west to east.

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