Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spring-like Warmth Returns Next Week

A major pattern change in the jet stream arrives late this weekend and will provide the possibility of several 50 and 60 degree days!  Unfortunately the warmth will also come with a little more active pattern, with nearly every day next week featuring the chance for showers. 

As is typical with a pattern change, the jet stream will strengthen.  And with a strengthening jet stream will also come the chance for thunderstorms.  Some of which we may hear next Tuesday or Wednesday.

It's been pretty common for us to get a nice warm-up followed by a big cool down.  But this time it looks like the warmth may be sticking around for a little while.  Average highs in the middle of March should be in the mid 40's.  Forecast high temperatures could have us staying in the 50's through the middle of the month.

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