Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Little Cooler Next Week

We've been having thunderstorms move through the Stateline since 4pm Friday, all of which brought heavy rainfall and some strong winds through the Stateline.  There have been multiple reports of trees being down, with radar indicating winds anywhere from 45-60mph.  One storm developed a Bow Echo down in Whiteside county, where radar estimated wind gusts of around 70mph.  This resulted in a barn being blown down, the barn being located 2 miles northeast of Fulton. 

The continuous inflow of heat and humidity is what's fueling these thunderstorms, and it will continue to fuel those storms as we go through the overnight into tomorrow morning.  Luckily, the thunderstorms produced the stronger winds west of the Mississippi River, only producing heavy rain once they crossed over into the Stateline area.  The reason for this was instability and wind shear were much higher out in northeastern Iowa, where our instability and wind shear was much lower, so the storms couldn't stay as strong as they were out in Iowa.

The storms have begun to move more southward since they're trying to feed off the heat and humidity inflow out of the south, so the heavier rainfall will be moving southward and will mostly move through Whiteside county.  Light to moderate rainfall will still be seen across the Stateline going through the overnight into tomorrow morning.  However, any additional rain, whether it's light or heavy rainfall, will still add to the already flooded areas that we've gotten from the heavier, more persistent rainfall.

Flooding will be the main concern going through the overnight and into tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow afternoon will be mostly dry, with a small chance for a thunderstorm late afternoon.  Sunday through Tuesday will be drier with a high pressure influence in place, but it'll still be fairly humid.  Another low moves in mid-week, bringing us showers for Wednesday and Thursday.  We're looking to end the week on a dry note.

Temperatures will stay in the mid 80°s to near 90° for Saturday and Sunday, with dew point temperatures staying around 70°, so we'll keep the heat and humidity for the weekend.  The drier weather on Monday and Tuesday will cool off temperatures, but it'll still be a little humid with dew point temperatures in the mid 60°s.

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