Friday, July 14, 2017

Storm Threat Tomorrow with Heat and Humidity Next Week

It's been a cloudy and cooler day as temperatures only hitting the upper 60°s, with only a couple locations hitting the low 70°s.  The reason for the cooler temperatures is a high pressure system to our west, and a low pressure system to our east.  This is creating a channel of cooler air out of the north, but it's also lowering our humidity values.  As this high pressure system moves closer to our area clouds will start to break down, leaving us with partly cloudy skies by around 8pm.  The skies will completely clear during the overnight when the high pressure system reaches our area and because of that, temperatures will be cooler in the upper 50°s.

That high pressure influence stays with us through most of tomorrow, but will begin to track southeast during the afternoon.  This will allow for warm and humid air to flow into our area from the south.  Along with that, that lingering low pressure system to the northeast will bring a cold front through our area during the evening.  The front and the inflow of warm and humid air will allow for thunderstorms to develop, with stronger thunderstorms expected in central Wisconsin where there's a slight risk for severe weather in place.  The front will drift southward during the late-night hours, bringing those thunderstorms to our area, which is why we're under a marginal risk.  However, by the time those storms reach us they will be weaker as our instability won't be as high as it will be in central Wisconsin.  This will only give us the chance for seeing smaller-sized hail with our thunderstorms.

The storms will stick to our counties that are on the Stateline, with only rain expected for our southern counties as temperatures will be cooler by the time the front reaches them, allowing for much lower instability.  The storms and showers are expected to clear up a little after 1am.

We'll end the weekend will cloudy skies as that low pressure influence lingers, but temperatures will still stay fairly cool with winds moving in from the north.  Sunshine expected on Monday when another high pressure system moves in, but another low pressure system moves in on Tuesday, bringing back the heat and humidity, along with thunderstorms for the rest of the week.  Temperatures expected to climb to the upper 80°s to low 90°s.

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