Friday, July 7, 2017

A Nice Weekend With More Storms Next Week

It's been a beautiful Friday with lots of sunshine and much drier conditions, especially after the humid week that we've had.  That humidity will continue to go down as we head into the weekend, all due to a high pressure system off to the west.  This high brought us the nice weather today by bringing in drier air from the west, lowering humidity and clearing the skies.  However, since the air moving in is more westerly, temperatures have not changed a whole lot, and are still fairly hot, but at least it's not as humid.

There are a few thunderstorms up to the north, but these are tracking southeast and more than likely won't have to deal with them. 

Temperatures will be in the upper 70°s to low 80°s for the evening to go along with the clear and dry weather, cooling down to the low 60°s for the overnight tonight.  Temperatures will only hit the upper 70°s tomorrow, as that high pressure area will stay out west and impede hot air inflow into our area.  However, that high pressure system will track south of us on Sunday, and will pull warm and humid air back into our area.  Along with that, a low pressure system will track down from the northwest and bring a warm front through our area.  The front and the high will both strengthen that heat and moisture inflow, allowing for our thunderstorm chance to return Sunday evening around 7pm.

That channeling of heat and moisture continues through the weak, with a second low pressure system that'll move in on Wednesday; also from the northwest.  Monday and Wednesday we'll see storms that last longer as that heat inflow will stay strong during the overnight.  Tuesday and Thursday we'll see isolated storms forming during the afternoon.  By Friday, we'll be in the clear.

Temperatures will stay in the mid 80°s next week, with dew point temperatures expected to return to the upper 60°s to low 70°s.

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