Thursday, July 13, 2017

Still A Little Muggy Thursday, but Comfortable Friday

Despite a cold front passing through southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois Thursday morning, the afternoon still felt a little muggy.  That's because the dry air is lagging behind the cold front.  Dew point temperatures this morning were near 70 degrees!  They've come down a little and are currently in the mid 60's.  By tonight dew point temperatures will have fallen into the low 60's, and then into the upper 50's by Friday morning.

Dew point temperature is a direct measurement of how much moisture is in the atmosphere.  The higher the dew point temperature is above 65 degrees, the more humid it feels.  Friday afternoon should feel a lot more comfortable with temperatures expected to sit right around 80 degrees.  Saturday will start to feel a little warmer just because moisture will be pulled in from the west ahead of a cold front.

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