Sunday, July 16, 2017

Higher Humidities To Return

This weekend was pretty comfortable by mid-July standards with highs in the low 80's and reasonable humidities - if we don't count the storms! 

We will start off this week with glorious weather on Monday - temperatures in the upper 70's and the very important indicator of humidity - the Dew Point - starting in the upper 50's.   As the Dew Point starts to rise into the mid- and upper-60's, our feeling of comfort starts to degrade.   This week, gulf moisture will start to invade our region again and while we will start out comfortable, it will quickly become uncomfortable.  By Wednesday, the Dew Point will move into the 70's and along with temperatures in the upper 80's to low 90's, it will feel like we are in the Tropics!  Along with higher humidities, our chances for rain and thunderstorms will be on the increase as well.  Care should be taken to avoid over-exertion and potential over-heating in this weather.  The air conditioners will be working overtime!

Conditions will improve this weekend with lower Dew Points and moderate temperatures as high pressure approaches from Canada.  Have a great start to your week! 

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