Saturday, July 29, 2017

Transition To Drier Weather

After a beautiful end to the work week, we hung on to the nice weather to start the weekend! Temperatures have been a little cooler in the upper 70°s, mainly because there's been a few more clouds.  Those clouds will clear out during the evening as that high pressure system to the north will move closer to our area.  Temperatures will be in the mid 70°s this evening as well.  As the skies clear and the sun goes down, temperatures will cool pretty quickly, bringing us a chance for some light fog during the overnight tonight.

That high pressure influence will remain with us for the end of the weekend and the start of the work week.  The reason for the quick transition from wet weather to dry weather actually started out east.  That large high pressure system over the Great Lakes has pulled cooler air down near the tropics, which will strengthen that low pressure system off the east coast.  This in turn will strengthen that cooler air inflow, and will then cause a deep trough to develop over the deep south.  This will set up strong sinking motions to take place over the western Great Lakes, which is why we'll continue to see dry weather up through the middle of next week.  A low pressure system will pass north of us to start the work week, but all that will do is give us a few more clouds.

That low pressure system will track eastward on Wednesday, extending a cool front towards our area during the afternoon and bringing us some light rain.  High pressure moves in for Thursday, but while that low tracks eastward, it'll cause another upper level trough to develop, this time over the midwest.  This will create a second low pressure system, which will bring us another light rainfall during the overnight Thursday night.

With these two light rain showers, we're not expecting a lot of rain.  Combined, it'll be a little over half an inch at most.  This won't raise river levels, but it may briefly stall the levels.  That low pressure system will track eastward Friday evening, taking the upper level trough with it.  Then, the high pressure system will fully settle in to end the week.

Temperatures will be in the low 80°s to end the weekend, slightly warming up to the mid 80°s by Tuesday.  The rain will keep us in the low 80°s on Wednesday, but the resulting cool front that day will end up cooling us down into the mid 70°s for Thursday.  After that second low gives us our second round of light rain during the overnight on Thursday and that high pressure system fully settles in, temperatures will cool down into the low 70°s for Friday and Saturday.

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