Monday, July 17, 2017

Ring of Fire Pattern Sets up this Week

This week we're talking 'The Ring of Fire'...and no we don't mean the tune by Johnny Cash.
This is a type of upper level pattern that means building heat and stormy weather.

A ridging pattern allows heat to build, sometimes referred to as a 'heat dome' builds across a certain area in the county. For this week it will build through central portions of the Country. On the edge of the high pressure or 'dome of heat' little vorticities or waves of energy ridge along it. That brings scattered storms chances over multiple days along that 'ring' or outer edge heat. This week, that pattern will set up across portions of the Midwest and Great Lakes region.

Because our jet winds will be parallel to a stationary boundary, this will also help to focus potentially the heaviest rain across portions of the Stateline. We really need to keep an eye out for where this front stalls, because it could shift the axis of heaviest rain. If the front stalls to the north, that would shift the heaviest rain north, and same would go if the front shifted to the south.

Right now rain totals between Tuesday night and Sunday have the potential to add up between 1-4" with the higher totals lining up over southern Wisconsin and northeast Iowa. Make sure to check back for updates, as the forecast could change going forward.

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