Friday, July 14, 2017

Rockford's Record Heat

It's been a fairly warm summer so far, we've had eight of our average fifteen 90° days. June was on average 1.7° warmer than it's average, and so far this July is .7° warmer than the monthly average. No 90's in the forecast this weekend, the Stateline is in store for a few very nice days, but there's something for everyone I like to say. Highs this Friday will climb into the mid and upper 70's, mid 80's on Saturday, and low 80's on Sunday.

It will be perfect weather for the many activities and events going on this weekend. But on this day 81 years ago, Rockford recorded its record hottest day. Temperatures on July 14th, 1936 climbed to 112°! Holy smokes that's hot! That is 27° warmer than our average of 85°. That's a big difference from where Stateline temperatures will be today, our highs in the mid and upper 70's are about 5-10° below average.

Not a fan of the 'cooler' temperatures and want more heat? Don't worry we've got a few days at 90° next week! 

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