Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Current River Levels

The National Weather Service continues to monitor river levels throughout the Stateline.  For a quick glance at where river levels are currently, click here.

Flood waters are beginning to recede for some, but may continue to rise for others this week.  The Pecatonica River in Freeport did crest over the past weekend just below major flood stage (16 feet), and has slowly begun the process of going down.  It'll still be some time before river levels are expected to drop below flood stage.  That might not happen until after the beginning of August.

The Yellow Creek that runs through Stephenson County, and was the source for the significant flooding throughout Freeport - along the southern end - Pearl City and Lena, has also started to come down.  Emergency managers in Stephenson County indicated that flooding continues, but mostly on the lower end of Yellow Creek.  Water levels dropped several feet Monday night into Tuesday.

The Pecatonica River near Shirland has not reached its crest point yet.  That is expected to occur either late tonight or early Wednesday morning.  This river, like in Freeport, will crest just under major flood stage of 15.5 feet.  High river levels are expected along that portion of the river through at least early next week.

The Rock River at Rockton continues to climb and is currently at minor flood stage.  Right now the forecast has the river cresting within the next 24 hours, or by Wednesday evening, just above moderate flood stage of 11 feet.

The Rock River at Latham Park has also not reached its crest point.  That is expected to occur either Wednesday or Thursday evening.  Right now the river is at minor flood stage, but is expected to reach moderate flood stage and cresting just above 11 feet.

The Rock River in Byron did crest early last weekend at moderate flood stage.  River levels at this point continue to decrease, falling below minor flood stage by late in the week.

The Kishwaukee River at Perryville did crest at 15.3 feet over the weekend and has been on a steady decline ever since.

The Kishwaukee River at Belvidere did crest late Sunday evening at 10.38 feet.  River levels are expected to continue to decrease, falling below flood stage by the weekend.

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