Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Sunny Week Ahead

We got a little bit of a break from the rain earlier this afternoon, but it will stay with us as we move through the night.  However, much less rain is expected for the overnight tonight as that low pressure system will not be in a good position to pull in a good amount of moisture.  The low level jet will keep our temperatures warmer for the overnight, which is a channel of warm air that is most active during the late night hours.  This, combined with the heavy cloud cover overnight, will allow our temperatures to be warmer than what we saw during the day today.  Heavy cloud cover overnight helps to keep temperatures closer to what was seen during the day, but then you add in the low level jet and you actually see temperatures getting even warmer as you move through the night.

Another low is developing in Texas, and will push some moisture into our area tomorrow.  This, combined with the low that's already over our area, will increase instability and give us one more round of rain before it moves out late Sunday night.  The low in Texas will track south of us, but a weak warm front associated with it will move a small amount of moisture into our area.  This gives us a slight of chance for rain Monday evening.

After Monday, the weather stays calm for the rest of the week with sunny skies.  We cool down slightly for Tuesday and Wednesday, but return to average at the end of the week due to the calm weather.

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