Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Widespread Storm Reports From Last Night

What a night last night!  Warm temperatures and overcast skies preceded an onslaught of severe weather that moved into the Stateline area just before midnight.  This well-predicted system arrived with a very strong and well-defined line of storms that thankfully were short lived.  Before the storms moved-on, however, they did some damage as indicated by the attached chart which represents all the storm reports over the past 24 hours.  For the most part the storms were a wind event, but in some areas, such as Sycamore, spotters identified 1" hail.  There were tornado warnings in the Quad Cities area and wind damage and downed trees throughout the Stateline.  We are used to this kind of spring weather but it has arrived early this year!  

More tranquil conditions will return to the Stateline as we progress further toward the weekend, but temperatures will be dropping and we may see snow or a mix of rain and snow on Saturday and next Monday.  After enjoying spring-like weather for a few days, its back to winter!

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