Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Morning Snow Update

 So far across the Stateline about 2 inches has accumulated, but residents can expect an additional two inches over the next couple of hours. The highest totals have been found just west of the Stateline, with many cities in Iowa receiving 4-8 inches.

Per IDOT, US 20 west of Rockford through Freeport and to Galena is snow covered. I90 from Rockford to Chicago is rather clear, along with I90 and 39 north of Rockford. Side streets and country roads will continue to cause some problems through the morning an afternoon. Make sure to leave plenty of time to stop, and it will be hard to get going again..

Our far eastern counties could get clipped by lake effect snow that will develop this afternoon, as northeast winds off the lake will help to produce enough instability to support it.

Snow is starting to lighten west of Rockford from Freeport to Galena as the low pressure system shifts to the south and east through southern Illinois. Because of this track, heavier snow has been falling through central portions of the state as well. Snow will continue to wind down through the lunch time hour with snow totals climbing to about 4" for many with some areas receiving around 3" and as high as potentially 6". The current forecast though is around 4" for the majority of the area.

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