Sunday, March 26, 2017

Big temperature swings over the weekend

We've had quite a few ups and downs with the temperatures lately.  Most notably is what occurred late last week and into the start of the weekend.  Highs Thursday reached 49 degrees, 80 degrees on Friday and then 46 degrees on Saturday.  What happened?!?

It's important to remember that during the transition seasons of spring and fall, we can get fairly large temperature swings.  But temperatures that change over 30 degrees from one day to the next don't happened that often.  In fact, it's only happened two other times in Rockford since records began back in 1906!  Wow!

A very strong warm front was responsible for the 31 degree temperature climb from Thursday into Friday.  This also came with a gusty southwest wind.  Late Friday night a cold front moved  south with winds switching around to the northeast.  Usually not that big of a deal, but this was a pretty strong cold front.  Winds following the front shifted around to the northeast, coming in off of Lake Michigan.  Water temperatures this time of year are in upper 30's and can have a big influence on air temperatures, especially for those locations near the lake.  Low pressure was also passing to the south not allowing much opportunity to warm due to the persistent northeast wind, cloud cover and periodic rain.

Sunday was a little warmer with surface winds shifting around to the southwest.  Highs reached the middle and upper 50's.


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