Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Record Breaking Warmth and Severe Storms to Close February

We all know that it was an abnormal February across the Stateline with multiple record breaking days...but how warm was it?

Yesterday temperatures climbed to 61° which put us over the edge for top spot when it comes to warmth for the month. The previous record for warmest February on record was 36.5° set in 1998. We set a new bar this year, with the month's average temperature at 36.8°. The average high topped out at 47.3°, compared to it's average high of 34.2°. That's about 13° warmer than normal! The low was 26.3°, compared to the average low of 17.7°.

The warmest temperature in February was 70° on the 22nd, and the coldest was 10° on the 4th. We ended up with 1.78" of rain, which is 0.37" above normal, with only .2" of snow. We typically receive 7.7 inches through the month of February! 

We concluded the month with strong to severe thunderstorms across parts of the Stateline area. Most of our severe storms were south of Rockford, but there were many reports of hail. We did have a tornado warning in the area, however no reports of tornadoes. However, there were multiple reports across the state and just south of DeKalb County yesterday evening.

You can find more information on that here.The National Weather Service in Chicago will be out in the field today to determine how many tornadoes touched down as well as their strength.

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