Sunday, March 5, 2017

Back and Forth

We have been going back and forth between spring-like weather and wintry weather.  Early last week we had the severe weather move through our area, quickly followed by some snow.  We've been warming back up since the start of the weekend, and now we're looking to cool down again.  We have a warm front moving through tomorrow, which will bring us some rain for the afternoon.  A cold front will quickly follow and will bring some thunderstorms to our area during the late evening hours.  The storms will not be severe, but they will produce some gusty winds.  We stay fairly warm up until Friday, where we cool down yet again.  We'll have more rain moving through our area on Friday before it transitions to snow for the evening once temperatures move below freezing.  The snow will persist from Friday evening into Saturday evening and then transition back to rain on Sunday once temperatures slightly rise above freezing, so we continue to go back and forth.

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