Friday, March 10, 2017

Winter Weather Comeback

It barely made it into the 30°s today as a high pressure system to the north has been pulling cold air into our area.  The high will continue to this as we move into the weekend before a low moves in on Sunday.  The low will bring a warm front through our area Sunday evening, leading to snow showers that will stick with us until late Monday night.  We are looking to get a total of between 2-3 inches of snow from Sunday evening to late Monday night.  The reason we are seeing this wintry weather is due to the strong high pressure system to our north.  This high is pushing the jet stream down south, and whenever the jet stream is south of a given location, that location sees colder temperatures.  We are only expecting snow from Sunday evening to late Monday night and we'll stay in the 20°s and 30°s afterwards, until temperatures slightly warm up to the low 40°s for St. Patrick's Day.  Looks like a little bit of good luck is in store of us at the end of next week!

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