Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring Right Around the Corner

Spring is right around the corner with the solstice coming up on Tuesday.  We've been seeing some spring-like weather the past couple of weeks, with warm temperatures and some strong thunderstorms.  We'll be seeing more of those warm temperatures as we progress through the weekend as a high pressure system will move through our area tonight.  It will cool our temperatures for the overnight, but warm us up as we move into Sunday with temperatures in the low 50°s.  A warm front will move in Sunday evening and bring us some light rain for the overnight, but the front will also keep our temperatures warm as we head into the work week.  We'll be in the upper 50°s on Monday and the low 50°s on Tuesday, before cooling to the 40°s for Wednesday and Thursday.  Some light rain will move through for the overnight Thursday night followed by some thunderstorms on Friday, where temperatures will warm back up in the low 60°s.

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