Saturday, March 11, 2017

Let It Snow....Let It Snow

A high pressure system up north will continue filtering cold air into our area and clear the skies for the overnight, which is why we will be seeing colder temperatures for our overnight.  We will dip down into the low teens for our overnight temperatures, before moving into the mid 30°s for tomorrow afternoon.  A low pressure system out west is strengthening and will be moving to our area tomorrow evening.  It'll bring a warm front through our area, which will start the snow showers between 6 and 7pm.  The snow will stick with us until Monday night, where we are expecting a total accumulation of 3-5."  We get a short break from the snow before it returns on Thursday and Friday.  The accumulation combined for both of these days will be between 1-1.5," much smaller than what we're looking to get Sunday evening to Monday night.  Along with getting two shots of snow next week, we'll have temperatures in the 20°s and 30°s.  Winter weather is looking to make quite a comeback!

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