Monday, March 27, 2017

Gray and Cloudy With Warmth Ahead

 We had a pretty gray and cloudy weekend, and we're looking to get more of that this week.  We have a slight chance for rain this afternoon when a low pressure system will bring a warm front fairly close to our area.  Even though it won't move into our area, it'll be close enough to allow for some possible rainfall, which is why we have only a slight chance of rain for the afternoon and evening.  The low will move east tonight, but it will pull colder air into our area for the overnight.  We get a break from the rain Tuesday and Wednesday before another low moves in on Thursday.  This low will actually bring the warm front through our area, allowing for rainfall on Thursday and Friday.  We cool down for Wednesday and Thursday, but on Friday the warm front will start slowly warming us back up from the upper 30°s that we'll see on Thursday.  It'll warm us up to the low 40°s for Friday, and that warmer air will linger in our area as we move into the weekend.  As the skies clear for Saturday due to high pressure, the sun will heat the lingering warm air and bring our temperatures back into the 50°s for the weekend.

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