Saturday, March 4, 2017

Warming Trend Under Way

We made it just above average today, but we will be well above average once we move into next week.  A low pressure system to the southwest is helping to channel warm air into our area, but with that warm air comes a good amount of moisture.  That warmth and moisture will lead to cloudy skies tomorrow morning, but it will also push our temperatures into the low 50°s.  The low will bring a warm front to our area on Monday, giving us rain during the day.  However, that warm front will also bring us up to about 60°.  A cold front will move through our area in the evening and will bring some thunderstorms.  The thunderstorms will have gusty winds for the late-night hours.  That cold front will not affect our temperatures much, as we will be in the mid 50°s for Tuesday, and the mid 40°s for Wednesday and Thursday.  By Friday, we warm right back up in the mid 60°s to end the week!

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