Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cooler Work Week and a Warmer Weekend

We'll be in the mid 50°s for our afternoon high today, but temperatures will start cooling down quite a bit as we head into tonight.  A high pressure system up north is helping to move some clouds out of our area, but it'll pull some colder air into our area for the overnight and the next few days.  We'll be in the low 30°s for the overnight tonight, and in the 40°s from Wednesday to Friday.  A warm front moves in early Thursday morning, but it won't warm our temperatures very much.  It'll bring us rain through early Friday morning, which means we have another cloudy and rainy day ahead on Thursday.  The clouds will start to clear a little once the low moves out Friday morning, with high pressure settling in to bring us back our 50° temperatures for this weekend.

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