Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Jet stream becomes more active the last week of March

The wave train of storm systems is set to increase heading into the weekend and through the last week of March. 

An active jet stream will allow a series of storm systems to move in from the Pacific and travel across the middle of the country.  The first will arrive this weekend with an area of low pressure becoming cut-off from the main flow of the jet stream.  This will allow periodic rain and storm chances through Sunday.  The next system
will be quick to move in early next week with another following later in the week.  With a nearly every other day rain threat, precipitation could be running on the higher end giving us a high probability of above average precipitation through the end of the month.  This may even carry over into the first few days of April.

With each of these systems arriving from the west, the chance for temperatures cooling is fairly low.  Highs through the end of the month
will either be right around or above average.  Average highs through the end of the month are in the upper 40's to right around 50 degrees.

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