Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Potentially Soggy Weekend

Chief Meteorologist Candice King talked in the previous post about a closed low pressure system that will detach from the jet stream and meander through Illinois this weekend. This will bring somewhat gloomy conditions with mild temperatures, however, it has the potential to bring quite a bit of rain.

Ahead of the low, moisture will be drawn in from the Pacific, but also from the Gulf of Mexico. With higher levels of moisture to work with, soggy conditions are looking more likely. Right now the timing of the rain will be later Friday afternoon, with storms also possible. Rain would continue through the overnight and into Saturday morning. Models then take the low through Illinois, and with no support from the upper levels of the atmosphere, it will take it's time moving through.

It's possible that some areas close by, near Green Bay, could receive almost 2" of rain. In and around the Stateline, the Weather Prediction Center outlooks anywhere between .75" to 1.25" of rain between Friday and Sunday.

The track and strength of the low will dictate how much rain we get, so we will make sure to keep you updated as we get closer to the weekend!

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