Thursday, March 30, 2017

More Rain Ahead with Warmer Temperatures

That rain is still hitting us pretty hard as you can hear it hitting the rooftops, but the heavier rainfall will die down as we move into the afternoon.  A more moderate rainfall is expected for the afternoon, with a lighter rainfall expected for the evening and the overnight.  The rain will move out tomorrow morning around 7am, but it'll stay cloudy for Friday.  Friday is also the last day with temperatures in the 40°s, as we're looking to see temperatures back in the 50°s for the weekend as another low develops in the southwest, pulling warmer air into our area.  However, that low will bring us another round of rain on Sunday, with temperatures continuing to warm up as we head into the work week.  Thunderstorms move in on Wednesday, but temperatures will be in the upper 50°s by then

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