Monday, March 20, 2017

Clouds and rain may linger for the upcoming weekend

The first day of spring did not disappoint!  Even though a cold front moved through, temperatures were still able to climb into the low to mid 60's - nearly 20 degrees above average.

There will be a brief dip in the temperature the next couple of days as a cold high pressure system moves over the eastern Great Lakes Tuesday and Wednesday.  This will cause temperatures to fall back into the 40's on Tuesday, but still above average, and then right around 40 degrees on Wednesday.

By the end of the week southerly winds will give temperatures another boost into the 60's Friday afternoon.  But an approaching low pressure system from the west will bring a chance for rain and thunderstorms by Friday evening and the weekend.

This low will get cut-off from the main flow of the northern branch of the jet stream.  With nothing significant in the atmosphere to give it a push, the low will meander through Illinois Saturday and Sunday.  There isn't a lot of cold air associated with this low, but there is quite a bit of moisture.  This will lead to cloudy, and possibly rainy, skies through the weekend.  And if the low stays far enough to the south our surface winds will be from the east keeping temperatures a bit cooler than the forecast high of the low 50's for Saturday and Sunday.

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