Friday, March 31, 2017

Warming Up For The Weekend

We had a rainy and cold end to the work week with all that rain that moved through Thursday and the cold temperatures that are lingering today, but the weekend is looking much more positive!  A high pressure system will be moving down from the north tonight, which will help to break up the cloudy skies.  Because the skies will only be partly cloudy tonight, we are going to see colder overnight temperatures in the low 30°s.  However, the high will continue to push those clouds away and give us more sunshine to start the weekend.  The increase in sunshine will warm our temperatures into the upper 50°s for Saturday afternoon, allowing for a beautiful start to the weekend. 

The weekend stays fairly warm in the 50°s, but light rain will be moving in late Sunday night as another low pressure system will pass over our region.  The rain will stick with us through Monday, before moving out early Tuesday morning.  Even though some more rainy and cloudy weather shows up next week at least the rain doesn't start until late Sunday night, giving us plenty of time to enjoy the weekend!

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