Friday, April 21, 2017

A Beautiful Weekend Ahead

We had a cooler end to the work week with temperatures only making it into the upper 50°s today, but we did get to see more sunshine than we did yesterday and we'll continue to see the sunshine for the weekend as well!! The reason for that is we have this high pressure system that's been moving down from the north, gradually pushing clouds out of our area during the day.  The high will continue to make its approach as we head into the weekend, but we do have one more cloudy night to get through tonight.  The jet stream will be moving some upper-level moisture through our area this evening and during the overnight, allowing for upper-level clouds to develop.  Once we get into Saturday, the high will be closer, which will allow for more clouds to be moved out of our area during the day tomorrow.  We'll be cloudy in the morning, but the cloud cover will gradually decrease as we move into the afternoon.  With all the sunshine we'll be in the low 60°s for tomorrow, but the high will finally settle in over our area Saturday night.  This will keep the overnight chilly, but it'll push the rest of the clouds out of our area for Sunday, allowing temperatures to climb to the upper 60°s. 

We hold on to the warm temperatures as we head into the work week, but a low pressures system will move in on Tuesday, bringing light rain for the evening.  We cool down a little afterward on Wednesday into the upper 50°s, with a second low moving in on Thursday.  This low will bring rain during Thursday afternoon, but bring thunderstorms late Thursday night.  The storms will die down for the beginning of Friday, but more will move in for Friday night.

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