Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Get Out and Mow Today - Abundant Rain through the Weekend

Tuesday will be our last dry day before multiple rain chances dot our forecast. Today there is still relatively dry air in place which will help high temperatures climb into the upper 70's, however the trade off will be more cloud cover through the afternoon.

We'll notice an increase in moisture tonight as the low moves into eastern Iowa, skies will turn mostly cloudy and rain will move in from the west around midnight tonight. The coverage and intensity of the rain will increase into Wednesday morning. We'll get a midday break before more showers and storms will be possible Wednesday afternoon. Along with heavier rain on Wednesday, a few stronger storms will be possible with mainly a threat of gusty winds. Rain totals through Wednesday approach an inch and a half, but that isn't all of it.

There is even more potentially heavy rain through Saturday and Sunday, where totals through the weekend bring totals up to about 3" through the next seven days.

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