Friday, April 28, 2017

Rain Dominates the Weekend

It hasn't exactly been the Friday that we've wanted, with all the rain and the cooler temperatures, and it's looking to stay that way for the weekend.  We have a low pressure system down in the Oklahoma panhandle that's been pulling a lot of warmth and moisture towards our area.  The warm air didn't reach our area, which is why temperatures stayed cool, but the warm front did have an impact on our weather with all the rain we saw today.  The warm front will continue to progress towards us throughout the weekend, bringing about more rainfall before it moves through our area on Sunday, where it will lead to thunderstorm development 

This storms will develop during the afternoon, with the storms staying with us until the late-night hours.  Usually we don't associate thunderstorms with warm fronts, but Sunday there will be another variable in play, the low-level jet.  This occurs above the Earth's surface and because of that, the warmth and moisture from the low-level jet will rise more easily since it will be more buoyant, behaving similarly to a cold front.  This leads to elevated storm development, which is what we'll see coming up on Sunday.

Temperatures will also stay cool during the weekend to accompany the rain, in the upper 40°s for Saturday and the low 50°s for Sunday.  Some light drizzle will linger with us on Monday, but will move out during the overnight.  Temperatures will continue to stay cool throughout next week, as we'll be in the mid to upper 40°s for Monday and Tuesday followed by the 50°s for Wednesday and Thursday.  We return to the 60°s next Friday, and we'll see much more sunshine that day as well

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