Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Storms Return and a Rainy Weekend

There was a little more cloud cover today, but at least we still got to see a fair amount of sunshine.  This allowed for a fairly nice afternoon, and also allowed for our temperatures to climb to the upper 70°s!  Our temperatures stay warm for the evening, and we'll only cool down to the low 60°s for the overnight.  This is because we have a low pressure system over in northwestern Missouri, which has been pulling in lots of warmth and moisture.  This is why we saw warm temperatures, more cloud cover, but unfortunately is why we have a chance for some light rain during the overnight.  Our western and southern counties have the better chance for the light rain, even though the chance overall is still small, but we can't rule a possibility for some light rain in our other counties.

However, every county tomorrow will have to experience the larger event, as we'll have thunderstorms move through our area during the day on Wednesday.  We are under a Marginal Risk for severe weather, with the thunderstorms expected to produce heavy rainfall and gusty winds at around 50 mph.  The storms will be moving in from the west, so our western counties will be seeing them first in the later hours of the morning.  They're expected to arrive between 10-11am.  Our middle and eastern counties will see the storms during the afternoon.  This is because the cold front associated with the low pressure system will gradually move through the stateline during the entire day.  This means that when the storms form in the middle and eastern counties, that the storms in our western counties will have moved out.  All the storms will move out of the stateline by the evening, but with all the moisture that'll be left over in the atmosphere, we could see some light rain linger with us into the overnight.

After the stormy day tomorrow we cool down into the mid 50°s for the rest of the week, with some drizzle expected Friday evening.  Another low moves in for the weekend and will bring over four-tenths of an inch of rain for the entire weekend, but our temperatures will also start warming up back into the 60°s for the end of the weekend.  A little bit of rain lingers into Monday, but sunny skies return next Tuesday.

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