Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cold rain falls late Wednesday and Thursday - Can't rule out the potential for snowflakes

The weather has been very active this past week and the pattern doesn't look to be changing as we enter into the first full week of April.  But an incoming storm system towards the middle of the week could be strong enough to pull just enough cold air down to cause a little wintry weather to occur.

If this were the heart of winter we would likely be talking about a full blown snow storm.  Low pressure will track from near Oklahoma and Texas northeast, passing through St. Louis, southern Illinois and into eastern Michigan.  That puts northern Illinois in the 'sweet spot' for a high accumulating snow event.  But we're not in the winter season and it would take a lot more cold air to cause a big this time of year.  However, I do believe there is the potential for snow to mix in with the cold rain Wednesday afternoon, night and Thursday.  And if enough energy does in fact exist with this storm system, there could be a complete changeover to snow for some late in the day Wednesday.  It's not uncommon for snow to fall during the month of April.  Rockford averages 0.9 inches of snowfall for the month.  And there have been times where big snow events have occurred.  Even if we don't see any snowflakes, it's going to be a cold, rainy and raw day.  Winds will increase from the east and northeast Wednesday and Thursday, gusting around 30 to 40 mph.  High temperatures are only expected to reach the mid 40's.

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