Saturday, April 29, 2017

Rainy Weekend with a Bright Future

The rain seemed eager to pick back up after a break from it during the overnight.  The rain has not just been here all day, but it's been increasing it's intensity as well.  Thunderstorms have moved in from the south, but they have died down dramatically from what they were when they formed.  These storms formed in Missouri, and were much stronger as a few of them produced hail when they first formed.  They've died down quite a bit as they've moved towards our area, bringing heavy rainfall and a few gusty winds once they arrived.  These storms will start to die down around 7pm tonight, but the rain will stay with us through the overnight and the rest of the weekend.  However, we will see a few breaks in the rain during the overnight, before it moves back in tomorrow.

The rainfall tomorrow will be a little lighter, but when the thunderstorms move back in the rain will become a little more intense like it did today.  Thunderstorms can be expected as early as 10am, lasting until 10pm at night.  Temperatures in our southern counties: Whiteside, Lee, and the southern portions of Dekalb, will be much warmer in the mid 60°s as opposed to the upper 50°s that we'll see in our other counties.  This will allow the thunderstorms to stay fueled for a little while longer, allowing them to continue to track north through our other counties into Wisconsin.  The cold front will pass through around 10pm, drying up most of our atmosphere.  However, the small amount of moisture leftover will bring some drizzle on Monday, but that'll move out late Monday night.

Temperatures will gradually warm up as we move through next week.  We'll start in the mid 50°s and make it into the mid 60°s by the end of the work week.  We'll also get more sunshine once we get to Wednesday when a high pressure system moves in.  The high will help to keep the skies clear from Wednesday onward, allowing the sunshine to accompany the warm temperatures at the end of the week.

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