Friday, April 14, 2017

Storms Clear Out For Easter

It's been a bit of a stormy end to the afternoon, and unfortunately we'll be seeing some on and off storms as we progress through the evening and overnight.  Temperatures will be on the warmer side with warmth and moisture continuing to move in, keeping our temperatures this evening in the mid to upper 60°s, and overnight temperatures in the low 60°s.  This will help to fuel those thunderstorms as we progress through the night, but as those temperatures gradually cool moving into early tomorrow morning, the storms will die out.  However, the inflow of warmth and moisture will increase for tomorrow afternoon, with temperatures near 80°, allowing for more thunderstorms to develop.  We have a marginal risk for severe weather tomorrow afternoon, with the thunderstorms looking to produce gusty winds, heavy rain, and even small hail.  However, damaging conditions are not expected.  Those storms will stick with us through the overnight tomorrow night, but clear out early Sunday morning when a cold front will pass through.  The front will slightly cool us into the upper 60°s for Easter, but it will also push the clouds out of our area and give us lots of sunshine for the afternoon.

We'll keep the warmth and sunshine for Monday, but another low pressure system moves in on Tuesday and will bring more thunderstorms.  The low will track east early Wednesday morning, and will cool our temperatures down into the upper 50°s for the afternoon.  A weak warm front moves in on Thursday and will bring us some light rain, but temperatures will only warm up to the upper 60°s for the afternoon and the rest of the week.

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