Saturday, April 22, 2017

High Pressure Brings a Great Weekend

The beautiful weather has set in for the weekend with temperatures managing to climb into the mid 60°s due to all the sunshine we've had today! That high pressure system up north is the reason for this nice weather.  It's been steadily progressing towards our area throughout the day, which is why we saw the clouds gradually decrease from the morning into the afternoon.  The other thing this high pressure system is doing is keeping all the storms down to the southeast by pushing the jet stream down south.  Generally, temperatures get cooler when the jet stream is south of a location, but since its spring time the sun is much stronger, allowing us to still see fairly warm temperatures even though we're slightly north of the jet stream.  Low pressure systems travel along the jet stream, as that's where the mixing between warm and cold air occurs.  This is why we're seeing such nice weather this weekend, because the jet stream is to the south, which means all the storms are going to stay down to the south as well.  These conditions will continue for the rest of the weekend, allowing temperatures to keep climbing and the skies to stay sunny. 

Clouds will move in Monday as a low pressure system will develop out west, but we'll still have 70° temperatures for the afternoon and for Tuesday as well.  Tuesday evening is when the low will move in, bringing some light rainfall for the late-night hours.  The low will track east and cool us down into the 60°s for the rest of the work week, with more rain moving in on Friday.  Temperatures return to the 70°s next weekend, with a chance for some thunderstorms on Saturday.

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