Saturday, April 8, 2017

Lots of Warmth

We're looking to have much warmer temperatures for this weekend and next week, and we've already been experiencing a great start to the weekend.  We've seen lots of sunshine today and temperatures in the 70°s to accompany it, and the beautiful weather will continue into this evening.  This high pressure system to our south is what we have to thank for all of this, as it has helped to push some clouds out of our area and give us lots of sunshine.  Along with that, since it's situated over the Deep South, it's been pulling warmer air into our area.  These two variables are what have brought us a beautiful start to our weekend, and what will bring us a lovely evening as well.  We stay partly cloudy for the evening with temperatures being in the 60°s.  You can't ask for a better Saturday than that!

The high will track east during the overnight, but the channeling of warm air will continue as a low pressure system will move in from the west.  Since the low is moving in from the west, it'll be able to continue the channeling of that warmer air into our area.  However, the low will bring us mostly cloudy skies for tomorrow, and some thunderstorms tomorrow night around 10:00pm.  The storms stay with us through the overnight, but move out 7:00am on Monday where the sunshine and 70° temperatures return!  We cool down a little bit on Tuesday as that low will track east and pull some cooler air into our area, but then we get back into the warmth with temperatures in the 60°s for the rest of the work week, with some rain moving in on Friday.

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