Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Warming Up For Easter Weekend

Temperatures are looking to be a little bit cooler today as we'll only make it into the mid 50°s for our high this afternoon.  The reason our temperatures are cooler today is because of this high pressure system out to the west, which is channeling cooler air into our area.  High pressures systems have winds that move clockwise around them, and since the high is out west, it's pulling cooler air out of the north down into our area.  However, this high is going to track east tomorrow, where we'll see the exact opposite of what's happening today.  The high will be drawing in warmer air out of the south, which will bring our temperatures into the 60°s for tomorrow and Thursday.  The high will also help to keep our weather calm and quiet for the next couple of days.

The high will track east on Thursday, but then a low pressure system will develop near the plains Thursday afternoon.  This low will help continue the channeling of warmer air into our area.  Low pressure systems have counterclockwise winds around them, and since it's out west it will pull warmer air into our area for Friday and the weekend.  However, all the warm and humid air channeling into our area comes with a consequence, as this will allow for some rain Friday morning, followed by some thunderstorms in the afternoon.  The storms will stay with us into the late night hours, but we will get a short break from them early Saturday morning, before more thunderstorms develop for Saturday afternoon.  Even though Easter Weekend will be off to a rough start, a cold front associated with that low will pass through our area early Sunday morning, pushing the storms out and clearing our skies for Easter Sunday.  The cold front won't do much to our temperatures, so we'll get to keep those 70° temperatures for Easter to accompany the sunshine.

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