Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Small Streak of Nice Weather

It's been a beautiful Easter Sunday with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the low 70°s!  What better weather can you ask for on Easter, and the evening will be just as nice as the skies will stay mostly clear with temperatures in the mid 60°s.  Better yet, we get to hold on to this nice weather for the next few days! Monday and Tuesday we'll see temperatures in the low 70°s with partly cloudy skies, and the reason for the nice weather is because we have a high pressure system moving in that'll stay with us through Tuesday night.  The high has been moving towards us all day, and has helped to push the clouds out of our area.  It'll move in for this evening, and this will cause the winds to die down considerably from what they were earlier today.  It was a little breezy this afternoon, but the high will help to suppress the wind flow and allow us to have a much more calm conditions this evening.  The high will move out Wednesday morning, with a low pressure system that'll move in behind it.  The low will bring some cloudy skies for Wednesday, which will keep our temperatures in the mid 60°s for the afternoon and bring us some thunderstorms for the overnight.  The storms will move out Thursday morning, and the low will begin to track east.  This will keep our skies mostly cloudy for Thursday afternoon, but it'll also cool our temperatures into the 50°s for Friday and Saturday.  However, we warm back up on Sunday into the mid 60°s

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