Monday, April 10, 2017

A Little Rain with Alot of Warmth

We had a bit of a rainy and stormy start to our Monday, but at least we're getting a bit of a break from that with the sunshine occasionally peaking through the clouds.  This wont last long though, as we have another chance for some thunderstorms this afternoon with all the heating and moisture inflow from the south.  The chance for storms will diminish though as we head into the evening, where that low will channel some cooler, drier air into our area.  This will give us a fairly nice evening, with temperatures in the mid 50°s and partly cloudy skies.  However, we will stay partly cloudy through the overnight, which will dip our temperatures into the low 40°s.  We stay cool for tomorrow in the 50°s, but the weather will be nice with partly cloudy skies.  We have another chance for rain late Wednesday night, with another day in the 50°s on Thursday, but we warm right back up as we head into the weekend as another low will move in to channel some warm air into our area.  The low will bring some rain early Saturday morning and during the day Sunday, but those temperatures will continue to stay warm!

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