Friday, April 7, 2017

Sunny AND Warm

We have a high pressure system down to our south that's been keeping our skies fairly clear today, giving us lots of sunshine, but this high is going to play a bigger role as we head into the weekend.  We'll be seeing sunny skies and warmer temperatures to start the weekend, and to start the upcoming work week as well.  This high will track slightly to the east and situate itself over the deep south and Ohio Valley.  Since the high is fairly close to our area, we'll see partly cloudy skies tomorrow.  High pressure systems have winds going clockwise around them, and since the high is positioned south of us, it'll be able to pull much warmer air out of the south into our area.  Putting these two variables together, the high pressure influence and the motion of the winds, we will see sunny skies and warm temperatures tomorrow.  It'll be briefly disrupted on Sunday as a low pressure system moves in, bringing in clouds and a chance for drizzle in the afternoon.  The low will also bring some thunderstorms for the overnight, but they clear out around 7am Monday morning, where we will return to the sunshine and warmth. 

As we progress through the work week we will cool down slightly on Tuesday into the mid 50°s with some northerly winds moving through our area, but we will keep the sunny skies.  Wednesday will be fairly cloudy, but temperatures will be back in the 60°s by then.  We are back to sunny and warm on Thursday, before another day in the 50°s on Friday.  Overall, sunshine and warmer temperatures are looking to dominate next week!

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