Sunday, April 23, 2017

Don't Forget the Sunscreen

It was an absolutely beautiful spring weekend.  Temperatures in the mid 60's Saturday and low 70's Sunday - no reason not to get out and enjoy!  But when you do head out, don't forget the sunscreen.  Yes, a sunburn can still happen even when it's not 'really hot' outside. 

Each and every day the sun angle is getting higher and higher in the atmosphere and the sun's strength is getting stronger and stronger.  Even though temperatures aren't reaching the 80's and 90's, any prolonged period outside under full sunshine can still cause you some problems if you're not careful.  We tend to think about it less because it isn't as warm as it is during the summer, but the strength of the sun is reaching its peak.  And it's even more important this time of year because our skin is not used to all that sunshine following the cooler winter months.  So it's extra important that we cover up!

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