Monday, June 5, 2017

A Beautiful Work Week with Storms Next Weekend

We had a beautiful end to the weekend where temperatures got up to 90° here in the Stateline! This allowed for a great pool day on Sunday, but the high humidity also made the heat a little oppressive at times.  Luckily temperatures will be cooling down a little bit this week as a high pressure system will be moving down from the north.  We'll only cool to the mid to upper 70°s, but this high will help to lower the humidity by pushing all that moisture back down to the south.  This will allow for much drier conditions, keeping us rain-free and our skies clear.  This means we'll have sunshine and warm temperatures without having to deal with the humidity; for the entire work week!

Make plans to be outside during the work week because this is a trend of beautiful weather that you won't want to miss.  Unfortunately, this high pressure system will move out on Saturday, where a low pressure system will move in from the west to take its place.  The low will warm our temperatures into the 80°s for the weekend, but it'll also bring in substantial moisture with the warm air that'll lead to thunderstorm development for Saturday and Sunday.  The storms aren't looking to be severe at this point, but they are expected to bring some heavy rainfall over the weekend.

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